What should we never give out on Halloween?

What should do or What should not do at Halloween?

There are many clearly defined canon including Halloweens. When it meets trick-or-treating, few people are mugs cause they either wish for the dot. Or they are just common fools. Now I will discuss what should we do, what is most important, what we should not do in October at 31st.

  • We should give the children the food which is made at home. Because If they eat the outsider food they will attack by allergies or food poison.
  • If mini toys have a camera or GPS inside those toys we should never give them the toys.
  • I think some children are afraid of the horror sound. So we should take care of what are they want and what is not.
  • I don’t think we should give our child the most costly dress, candy, etc. Because our child does not enjoy the party. Cause they will busy with the competition with the neighbors’ child for the expensive gift, dress, candy, etc.
  • We should not decorate a tree with money.
  • We should use materials not even a needle which that used to injure a person.
  • We need to make sure that our children do not interact with strangers and do not take gifts from strangers.
  • We should give children gifts of chocolates and candies as well as pens and pencils. This will increase their interest in their studies.
  • We must notice that what our neighbors like and dislike. What they do no like we can not be done. Because it causes quarrels and accidents can happen.
  • There are some toys which look like some chocolates. Those chocolates swell when placed in water. The children ate them chocolate thinking. This can lead to big accidents. So we should stay away from using such toys.
  • We should not provide any kind of weeds chocolate which is very harmful to every person.
  • For unique dress-up Halloween is a great time. But wearing inappropriate clothing is not the time to be aggressive towards other cultural groups. Do not wear clothes that you think to make others feel bad.
  • Don’t use Halloween as an explanation to create your quad anything. But ghosts, pumpkins, and witches. It’s fully in skint taste to use your adornment for improper jokes about sexual activity, bodily functions, or political opinions.
  • Never give toffee or chocolate to your domestic animal. It will very harmful to them. And make them very ill and they could even no more.
  • If you don’t care about the age limit and the way you’re going to strategy-or-behave, just don’t do it drunk. Stay home! Go to the party! Don’t go from house to house blurring your script and wanting to know for something sickly. This is the most intriguing behavior or misconduct you can make.

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