What is the best SEO secret that you know?

Gradually, I continued to write blogs without giving up on SEO. I thought this is something that is done by professionals. Flat I can easily see my Google Analytics. What I consider to be comments, emails, etc. that I have received from relevant audiences as a tool for tracking my audience.

But I day I was shocked. I noticed in my Google Analytics account that more than 6% of my traffic was from search engines.

Even I did nothing and still get a good amount of traffic from search engines. But the second thing that came to my mind was that the amount of traffic I got from SES was free and I didn’t even work hard to get it. So if I have my site on-page and off-page SEO without some time for optimization. This is where my SEO journey started and now I get a great proportion of traffic from search engines.

And the good news is: you don’t have to work every day or all the time to get good traffic. Google will automatically index your page and show it to searchers. However, submitting your Sitemap will make it easier for Google to index your page faster.

Keyword optimization:
Choose the perfect keyword for your post and adapt it to your post. Consider the following.
Include the keyword in the URL should
The H1 title should include the keyword.
In the H2 title include the keyword.
You should include the image keyword.SEO Yost is the best plugin to do this SEO stuff.

Make your content useful for sharing. This is a good factor that makes your blog rank higher.
The more shares, the more rankings there will be. To create great content and use plugins
that people might like to share with you.

SumoMe will be the best plugin to do these things. Use alternate keywords. This strategy is something that many bloggers have neglected. This means that the searcher may not type the
correct keyword in your article.

So in this case, if you want your article will get a higher place. Make the most of your post
on the alternatives that people search for.

Where to find it?Google itself.Type the correct keyword in the Google search bar and scroll to the end.For example: I searched for "finance course"I will use more in the post with the above keywords to further customize it with related
There are many more strategies. If you want, you can use other strategies.

I am a digital marketer at Dfive IT. https://dfiveit.com/