The Best way to learn programming and be a great programmer.

Ria Rodriques
5 min readSep 29, 2020


Easy way to be the best programmer.

In the way to start out programming from scratch from this answer. You may realize some tips. The information can assist you to move forward. So, let’s begin.

You would like to find out a way to code you wish to follow some steps.

Look around. Current, programming could be a terrible wide space. It’s sensible to seem around and see wherever you’ll go. If you recognize the doable ways, you’ll select the proper one for yourself. It conjointly helps you decide on the technologies you would like to tell.

For starters, I will tell concerning website programmers. These are folks, WHO use as an example WordPress. And with the facilitate of their skills, they alter the website. It works because the consumer expects it. Try to do compelled to understand large JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

  • Website developer- Supposed the foremost in style exposition of a “programmer”. But programming isn’t sole regarding WordPress websites. It’s a lot of far more. Programming split into many reals. First, First, I will be able to give you three samples of fronted realms. Fronted programming is the programming of one thing that the user/client sees.
  • Web app programming — It is a business online app. These are unit-specific applications that fill the wants with a selected cluster of users. They serve to manage but don’t serve to manage content processes. Furthermore, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS programmers got to recognize. And some further technologies for internet app programming.
  • Desktop Application Programming -

As above, it is about programming applications. That you can install on Windows systems, for instance. This group is different from the previous group. It uses other technologies. For instance, programming for Windows will use the C # language and the NET framework.

  • Programming of Mobile Application -

This is about writing applications installed on mobile devices.

Programming for Android most uses Java programing language. And for iOS: Swift language. There are different frameworks for every system. There are frameworks for both systems.

  • Programming of Database-

Databases like MySQL and MSSQL are more or less the same, and advanced spreadsheet.

The database stores more data and allows it to be technically used. Add data, remove them,

Make changes. It lets you set up different ways to manage data.

Let’s code different activities in language data. There are databases that do not use the SQL language. They use a mysterious name: NoSQL.

  • Backend programming -

The backend developer processes data between the database. And the fronted or back end different systems that need collaboration. Almost every programing language is often used for backend purposes. However, since people use a different language than the frontend for specific uses in the backend, for example, PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, but JavaScript.

  • Choose your technology-

To move further you would like to form an informed decision about the technologies you would like to find out. But it’s really difficult to urge good advice about it.. You can ask someone, or study or go to a boot camp.

  • Choose the method of learning-

This point is very important and why I will write it. If you are looking for the answer online, you will find a lot of correct ideas.

I just warn you not to use non-systematic, non-systematic, and incomplete ways to learn to program.

Imagine you learned 50% of the subjects from a YouTube video course. But there is no part after that. Your search for another course. The subject has been explained completely differently. So down-spirited! To get started:

Content that covers topics from A to Z.

  • Set a Goal:

Everything is better if you set a goal. It tells us something about nature, goals make life easier.

Studying is not easy. Programming is not easy. Learning programming off charge. So a goal is very

important. And the satisfaction from reaching it inspires more work.

  • Learn methodically- If you already have a goal, the next step is to create a learning schedule. One hour every day. But every day, always an hour. And not just to require another video tutorial or read a piece of writing,

but to find out something meaningful.

Observe what proportion you’ll learn! To truly understand the understanding of programming you need to isolate yourself from the world.

  • Ask for help- It’s hard to say what problems you have in the early days of programming. For example, when a mistake occurs within the application. the way to translate the word problem? the way to invite it? Sometimes it’s so hard, people don’t know what phrases to put in a Zocdoc search.
  • Find work quickly- I often read that people stop looking for a job until they learn something else. And half of the year is cut. Software development may be a field where you usually need to renew your knowledge.

Say you’ve got learned 3–4 techniques you would like. you begin trying to find employment, You can search for

employment for several months! And while doing so you’ll forget half what you’ve got learned.

  • Master new technology- Programming is a great field, but it is always changing. What you’ve got learned today are going to be a year old.

And 5 Unconventional When you find a job and feel comfortable in it, master something new. Expand your skills. Don’t be stuck with your professional development. If you drop out, it’s probably best to go back.

Take part in a boot camp, read a book, take part in an online course. Which allows you to remain up so far with the technologies.