The best way to get more leads using SEO

  • Analyst your competitor.
  • You have to find the correct keywords.
  • Create your website sensible.
  • Apply the keywords of the long-tail.
  • Insist list.
  • Develop content with data of local keywords.
  • Create positive reviews.
  • Make content frequently.
  • Easy to read content and publish usefully.
  • Apply keywords.
  • For your subheadings apply H2 and H3.
  • Use related things.
  • Pick a trusted hosting company, naturally.
  • Permit caching.
  • WP Fastest Cache plugin lets you combine and decrease your own files.
  • If you are not in WordPress, utilize MaxCDN.
  • Create your site responsive. Eliminate your site baggage (eliminate unnecessary scripts + plugins, delete spam opinions, mend broken links, clean up your database, etc.) Utilize WP-Optimize your plugin to clean up your own database.
  • Optimize your pictures using TinyPNG or ImageOptim or you may utilize the EWWW Picture Optimizer plugin if you are using WordPress.




I am a digital marketer

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Ria Rodriques

Ria Rodriques

I am a digital marketer

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