Digital Marketing Platforms For The 21st Century

Ria Rodriques
3 min readMar 7, 2021
digital marketing platforms for business

As digital marketing platforms continue to evolve, companies can expect their promotional campaigns to become even more effective. Today, they have far more options than ever before. One example is the integration of social media into all marketing campaigns. With the rise of smartphone usage, companies who haven’t tapped into this platform yet are missing out on a huge untapped resource. Here are a few examples of how these platforms can be used to improve your digital marketing.

The rise of smartphones has changed the landscape dramatically in terms of how consumers search for products and information. Just a few years ago, consumers relied almost exclusively on traditional search engines. However, with more people being able to access mobile content via their smartphones, the need for digital marketing platforms that make it easy for them to do so is undeniable. In fact, just recently there was a major shift in the landscape when the first smartphone marketing campaign hit the airwaves. Now, instead of relying on traditional search engines, companies have to leverage their social networks to drive traffic. These platforms have made integration with social media much easier and are now seamlessly integrating analytics and advertising into their campaigns.

It goes beyond that, though. With the right digital marketing platforms, affiliate marketing teams can also take advantage of the applications to gather data on on-site traffic, user behavior, conversions, and conversions. This information can then be leveraged by affiliate marketing teams to create more targeted campaigns. Integrations allow for the exchange of detailed information between campaigns, which allows digital marketing teams to create custom ads and in-store promotions that are guaranteed to convert. By taking full advantage of available analytics software, companies can quickly and easily determine where improvements can be made.

Google AdWords, though it has been criticized for over-promoting certain keywords, has nevertheless become one of the most widely used marketing platforms. Google AdWords allows advertisers to create pay-per-click advertisements based on a keyword or phrase and then track the performance of that campaign. In many ways, it is like having an internal pollster. By tracking performance closely, companies can fine-tune ad campaigns to generate higher levels of response. Google AdWords offers the ability for ad agencies and ad groups to use cookies, called “consume” cookies, which keep track of which sites users have visited and which sites they have gone to so that the appropriate ads are shown.

Similar to Google AdWords is Google AdSense. AdWords, AdSense is a pay-per-click program run by Google, but it differs because it requires publishers to load content on their websites before Google will start displaying relevant ads. Once loaded, publishers can then display relevant ads on their websites, and Google collects the ad revenue from each site. Unlike AdWords, AdSense does not require you to have your own websites; it works with any publisher that loads content on their website. Publishers bid on keywords related to their content, and when a publisher’s ad is clicked on, the advertiser will pay the publisher’s a portion of the cost of that click, called the contextual cost. Unlike Google AdWords, you can specify a maximum CPC for AdSense, and if no one clicks on your ad within a set time period, you do not pay anything.

Digital marketing platforms such as YouTube, BrightCove, and Vimeo are also important tools for digital marketers. They allow video marketers to promote and sell their products without having to face the hassle of creating their own websites, which can be a distraction. Video marketers can also use viral videos to spread the word about their products. While there are many other tools that marketers can use, these three platforms allow you to be a digital marketer in the most efficient way possible.